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Rage Being Sick for Progression
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Mythic Kargath

I like how Method uses 3 people instead of 1 that can handle berserker rush, I think we should implement this into our strat since we were having problems with wrong people getting fixated and roar of the crowd was pretty low.
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Get Carried Guild Charter!

Thanks Bae Attain! totes Jacked this :DAbout US Get Carried is a Horde, 25 person progression raiding guild on the US PvE server Arthas. We’ve been raiding together through multiple expansions and retained the same core and leadership that we have...
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Thokk down! Less than 20 Attempts!

Seriously Boys, this kill easily proves what we can easily accomplish withing 1hr 30min. Blackfuse is gonna be a little more tricky, but stay at it and we got him too. After the shitbags left 3 weeks ago we were hurting and not sure what would hap...
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